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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mid July Update

Our second foal arrived ten days early on June 28. Demi (South Forty Academy Award) had a black filly and both are doing well. I have added a couple of photos below. We have finally had some dry, sunny weather and have been able to get some of our first cut hay in the barn and plan to put more in the barn today. I have also posted some photos of the floral display here at the farm for mid July. Also have a couple of photos of what has become a frequent visitor!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mid June Update

Our biggest news is the arrival of our first foal of 2015. CGF Toco's Last Dance delivered a chocolate colt early on June 15. This is her third foal and all have been sired by our stallion, CGF Absolutely Incredible, and all have been colts with light flaxen or white manes and tails. And all will be tall. Her first, CGF Absolutely Flawless, is 15-3 hands, and her second colt, DC, will be as tall judging from his size as a yearling now. I have posted some photos of each below. It has been cool and wet thus far which is preventing us from harvesting our hay. Rainfall in VT has ranged from 5-10" above normal this month. The wet weather has certainly helped our perennial gardens as depicted in the accompanying photos. We have one more foal due this year. South Forty Academy Award is due July 8th.

 Video of our first arrival of 2015

CGF Absolutely Flawless 4 y/o certified gelding

DC at 11 months in April

Our newest arrival at one day old

Day old Rocky Mountain chocolate colt

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Signs of Spring at Cedar Grove Farm

Spring has finally arrived at Cedar Grove Farm in Vermont. Last evening one of our water lines that has been frozen since March 7th finally opened up. Now only two more to thaw out so hopefully the last of the frost will melt in the next few days and we will have all of our water supply back. Our flowers are in bloom, the apple trees are loaded with blossoms, and the bees are busy pollinating them. The horses are enjoying the fresh spring grass and the hayfield is already twelve inches tall. The hummingbirds and swallows are back as are the ducks on the pond. Even the fish are jumping.